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Cast to Sonos

Cast to Sonos
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A browser extension that allows you to cast your tab to any sonos device

Until now, it has not been possible to stream audio directly from youtube or any other platform directly from the browser to a Sonos system. Casttosonos offers a similar experience as the cast to Chromecast feature in chrome browsers.

After installing you can easily cast any audio clips that you can play inside chrome, to your Sonos device by going to the top-right and clicking the puzzle icon.

After opening the extension, you can make a choice to use the free version with limited quality or the premium version. After that, you can select the room and the group you want to cast to. The selection box will become selected and the play button will show up after the extension is connected to your device.

Click on 'Cast to Sonos' from the extension dropdown

If you are not able to connect, make sure that no other app is using your Sonos device, Spotify or Youtube for example. Try pausing or disconnecting from the app that is currently using your Sonos device.

If you are experiencing technical issues, you can go to the Chrome Web Store "Support page" and leave your questions there and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Click on Household and group untill it becomes selected

Technical note about the delay: This extension streams your audio from your tab to your Sonos device. Naturally, there is a delay because you're not playing an audio clip, you are streaming, just like how Chromecast does it. The advantage is that it works for every website and with any kind of audio source that Google Chrome supports.

With this extension, you are not able to turn your Sonos device into PC speakers. You are better off buying a good pair of normal PC speakers.


* Added free mode
* Added more languages
* Improved error handling and error explanations
* Changed font

* Improved messages and handling of rate limit errors
* Fixed a bug that caused users to have to re-authenticate with Sonos
* Changed icons

* Fixed an issue with translations that made it impossible for non-english users to install the extension

* Changed Dutch translations
* Add dynamic background based on website contents
* Removed debug information that was cluttering the debug logs
* Better error handling for users that attempt to stream pages starting with chrome://
* Close the previous stream when the user starts a new stream on a new tab
* Changed the icon displayed inside the Sonos app
* Added an error screen when the user can not connect to the server
* Added a loading screen when the app is connecting to the server
* Add a dynamic icon inside the Sonos app
* Corrected wrong title

* Remember living room and device after popup is closed
* Improved speed at which the background color and thumbnail image is retrieved from the foreground webpage to +-100ms

* Improved logging for better debugging

* Added extension version number for better debugging
* Retry mechanism for when fetching the user fails
* Better error display, no more alert windows
* Fixed an issue where the tab media stream would not stop after disabling the connection before pressing play
* Prevent unnecessary network requests from the background script
* Do not display the ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE error, re-fetch the households instead
* Instroduce a timeout for network requests of 5 seconds
* Rename the native 'TypeError: Failed to fetch' error message to 'Network error', because it's confusing
* Rename the native 'AbortError, DOMException, user cancelled the request' to 'Network error', because it's confusing (and not correct)
* Better error handling when there are connectivity issues
* Translated a few error messages which were still english-only
* Handle all kind of connectivity issues and recover from network failures

* Added the ability to disable front-end scripts * Removed permissions for access to all urls, instead use the "activeTab" permission * Added a link to manage premium subscriptions to the options page * Fixed an issue with refreshing expired auth tokens and handling of invalid auth tokens

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